Principal's Corner

2021-2022 Welcome Back

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We want to welcome back all our families and LAD Lions as we look forward to an amazing new school year 21-22! Welcome to our new students as your join the best community in the South Bronx, the Longwood Academy of Discovery!

There will be new routines, but we are all here to support each other. Last years challenged us, but as a school community we worked together to support each other. As we look into this new school year, our children will continue to need for us to advocate for them and encourage them. Longwood Academy of Discovery will be working closely with students, teachers, and families to support our students social emotional well being and academic needs. Social emotional support will be at the heart of the Longwood Academy of Discovery and we have set up many ways to help you and your child. We will be having daily check ins using the RULER system, we will encourage students and praise their work with our PBIS system. We will be providing daily social emotional learning opportunities through conversation, movement, and role play. We have support services with our school counselors, school social workers, and Astor Services. We will work together, staff and parents, to support every student every day. 

As we support our students we have a plan to support every student academically. We ask all parents to help us encourage every child to read at home every day. The school technology will be used to support our students and engage in learning, but we will also be working on making sure each child has books that interest them to read every day. We need our LAD Lions to read and visit places and learn new things through reading. There will be support services in school through our schools MTSS team, as well small group support in the classroom by teachers and staff, as well as opportunities for academic support afterschool and Saturday programs. 

It will also be extremely important for each child to attend school every single day. Attendance is important and essential for students learning. We know that it may be a little scary to come to school each day, but everyone and especially me, are working hard to keep the Longwood Academy of Discovery a welcoming, clean, and healthy place. 

As a school community we believe we can “Learn, Achieve, Discover” together. I look forward to continuing our work together in making The Longwood Academy of Discovery one of the best schools in the South Bronx.

 Warm Regards,

 Ms. Victoria Nájera

Victoria Nájera, Principal

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Ms. Luz Gerena, Parent coordinator at or call 718-860-3313. 

Principal's Book Recommendation

Areli is a Dreamer


◼ When Areli arrives in New York, how does she feel? What’s does she like about it and what is difficult?

◼ What happens when Areli goes to school? Why do you think she makes friends with the other students who speak Spanish like she does?

◼ What happens when some of the students tease Areli? If you were in Areli’s class, what could you do to help?

◼ When Ariel thinks to herself “I could do anything here. Someday I will,” what does she mean? Have you ever felt that way? Please explain.

  ◼ How did you feel when the book ends?

◼ Why do you think the book is called Areli is a Dreamer?

◼ Why do you think the author wrote this book? What do you think her overall message is?