ReOpening 20-21

Family Income Survey

Please fill out the Family Inquiry Survey that helps with School Meals at school!

NYCDOE Learning Preference Survey

 Apply 11/2- 11/15

for 100% REMOTE or Blended Learning

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11/9/20--Chancellor District 8 Town Hall

Join Chancellor Carranza in the District 8 Town Hall, Monday 11/9/20 @ 6pm. Register to join the meeting. See flyer!   

Priority Learning Standards

Download a copy by clicking:

ELA Priority Learning Standards

Math Priority Learning Standards





School Calendar

Click on the link to see the school calendar for September 2020-December 2020. 

  Year 2020.pdf 

Learning Bridges Program

If you are interested in the Learning Bridges program, which will provide child care options for children from 3-K through 8th grade this fall for days when they are not in school buildings please fill out this survey:

PS 333 School Hours and Visitor Rules

Monday - Friday 

School starts at 8:30 am (NO EARLY DROP OFF)

School Ends at 2:00 pm (NO EARLY PICK UP- Unless an emergency) 

Visitors: BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Call 718-860-3313 to schedule your appointment. 

NYCDOE Discipline Code

Dear parents, 

Please review the NYCDOE Discipline Code for 20-21.

PS 333 Program Model

PS 333 Model 2

  • Three in-person cohorts (A, B, C), one remote (D).
  • Provides regularity on days per week with some variation by week (e.g. Group A is in-person every Wednesday, as well as on Monday in week 1 and Tuesday in week 3).
  • Group A, Group B, Group C: in-person learning 1-3 days per week (5 days every 3 weeks); remote learning for non-in person days including attending live instruction on a specific schedule. 
  • Group D: remote every day; consists of students who opt out of in-person instruction. Students must attend live online learning instruction every day based on a specific schedule.


PS 333 School Level Reopening Plans

School Hours

School starts: 8:30 a.m. (NO EARLY ARRIVAL) 

School day ends: 2:00 pm 


  • 3-K/ PreK1: Annex Entrance (Rogers Place) 
  • PreK 2 & 3/Kindergarten: Front entrance (Rev. James Polite)
  • Big Yard (Door 7)- Grades 1 & 2
  • Middle Yard (Door 5): Grade 3
  • Side Entrance Rev. James Polite (Door 3): Grade 4/5


Grades 1-5 in the big yard in designated areas. 

3K- PreK - Door near stairs and garden on Rev. James Polite. 

Kindergarten - Door on Rev. James Polite next to school parking lot. 

Temperature Checks:

Daily checks at home and random at school entrance


Grab and go in the classroom at 8:30 am 


Grab and Go Lunch will be provided in the classroom. Students will have a learning lunch time.  

Lunch Times: 

10:00 am ----  5th Grade

10:55 am ---- 3K, PreK, Kindergarten, 1st Grade

11:50 am ---- 2nd, 3rd Grade

12:45 pm ----- 4th Grade

PS 333 School Norms

  • One- two student/s inside the bathroom at a time
  • No lining up or leaning on walls
  • Keep SIX FEET apart at all times
  • All students must face the same direction at all times (forward)
  • All students must stay within their classroom designated area
  • Temperature will be taken upon entering the building.
  • NO use of water fountains will be available unless to fill water bottle
  • Isolation room will be available in the event of sickness during school hours. Room 315
  • Air Conditioners may not be in use due to inability to filter COVID

PS 333 Tentative Grading Policy

This is a tentative grading policy for students. 



Revised Grading Policy

ELA and Math

Revised Grading Policy


Revised Grading Policy


Revised Grading Policy

PE/ Technology


(Imagine Learning, Online ELA/Math Platforms, Reading log, etc.)





Responses to

(questions, group, SEL moments on posts, announcements, and/or live)





Submitted Assignments          (all graded submissions/assignments)





Important Definitions

  • Synchronous Learning: Real time learning with students and Teachers
  • Asynchronous Learning: Self-paced learning
  • Live Instruction: Occurs during your instructional period using a streaming platform, workshop model
  • Office Hours: Contacting parents (DOE initiative), troubleshooting with students who are remote etc.

Preperation for the 20-21 School Year

  • Practice wearing mask for 5 hours or more
  • Practice social distancing (standing on marked areas)
  • Practice daily sanitary actions (hand sanitizer, wiping off devices etc)
  • Practice/plan safe sneezing/coughing
  • Only bring notebook, pencil and computer to school (no unnecessary items/ clothing)
  • Practice drinking from their personal water bottle 
  • Practice/encourage child (our students) to not touch their face

Have Questions or Concerns?

Please contact our PS 333 Family Support Team


Parent Coordinator: Ms. Gerena:

STH Coordiantor: Ms. Peralta:

Technology for PS 333 Students

  • Families need to apply for computers now, via 311 or fill out the survey:
  • Personal technology will not be allowed in the school building. 
  • Students should bring school issued device (laptop or I pad) to school on cohort days. 
  • Students are encouraged to bring personal headphones
  • Students may bring personal computer mouse

Certify DOE I-Pads

All New York City DOE I-Pads need to be recertified. Please visit the doe site/ Todos los I-Pads deben ser recertificados. Visite el sitio de DOE: