LAD Attendance Policy


If your child is ill and will be absent from school, please call 718-860-3313 a staff member in the main office and leave a message on the day your child will be absent. You may also email  Please include: your name, child’s name, grade, teacher, number of days absent and the reason for the absence.

Each absence requires a note stating the dates and the exact reason for the absence signed by a parent or guardian.  Excuse notes should be brought to school on your child’s first day back from the absence.

Every day of your child’s academic year is carefully planned to be part of the full educational experience. For this reason, please read the school and district calendars carefully.  Please plan vacations when the schools are closed, and try to schedule non-emergency medical and dental appointments outside the school day.  Please know that if you plan additional vacations for your children, such absences are considered unexcused.


We count on all of our parents to help us observe established morning routines. It is the family’s responsibility to get children to school on time.  The first ten minutes of school set the tone for the entire day.  Children who arrive ten minutes late each day will miss 50 minutes of instruction each week, and 30 hours of instruction over the course of the year.  Please help us ensure your child’s success by facilitating his/her timely arrival each school day.

Students who arrive after 8:45am are asked to enter through the front entrance on Rev. James A. Polite Ave and sign the late student binder. This is to ensure that all late students are marked present for the day. 

Due to COVID in the 21-22 school year, safety changes for 3k-Kinder parents include that at the beginning of the school year please bring your child to the door (3K/PreK door in school yard Rogers place - Kinder front of building) and escort them to a school staff member who will walk their child to class. We ask all parents to support building students' independence and allow them to walk into the building where they will be supported by a staff member to get to class safely. At that time parents will not be allowed to pass the first red doors. 


Please review the following arrival safety rules with your children:

  1. Walk into the assigned areas in school. 
  2. Do not linger on the front walk, waiting for friends.
  3. Settle into the cafeteria or classroom, quickly and quietly.